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"It is perhaps this capacity of some rhetorical practices to induce and manage the breakdown of borders – such as those between male and female, life and death, silence and talk – that deserves the name 'eloquence.'" 
– Richard Doyle, Darwin's Pharmacy, p101

The point of words, it seems, is to point past words – to direct attention to our lived experience, at which point words become unnecessary.  Language functions as a bridge, sometimes, and sometimes as a wall...the management of boundaries, joining and dividing, is the sacred task of writers.  Poetry is magic; story shapes our lives; the power and the mystery of words is real, and serious, and I am grateful to be one of those through whom the words flow freely.

There are many kinds of writers; but I think my kind of writer is the dot-connecting kind, who never rests too long in one perspective, who is constantly revealing underlying unity and celebrating life in all its endless novelty, a writer who can speak past language and reveal you to yourself.  

And that's my goal.  Our lives are gorgeous, complicated, brief, and perfect.  How can I not communicate this beauty?

How To Live in the Future

I'm writing a book about evolutionary dynamics, psychedelic futurism, and how to make your way in our ever-weirdening world.  Learn more and support me on my Patreon campaign.  Read the serialized first draft at Metapsychosis Journal:

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