Michael Garfield – How To Live in the Future: 2017

21 September 2017

Breaking The Narrative Barrier // Applied Technoshamanism // Keyhistoric Life // Apocalyptic Art Sale

“Human culture has broken the narrative barrier as change driven by technological transformation creates conditions that change faster than our ability to narrate them. There is an essential mismatch between our stories about the world and the world, the ideas we have of ourselves and ourselves – this mismatch is now unavoidable. Good News: This evolutionary shift will be easy to survive and flourish through. Quite simply, we must cease depending upon something that isn’t there: a coherent narrative that stitches together our social world.”

Hi friends.  :)  It's been a crazy summer, full of revelations and initiations, difficult as hell, and dotted with surprise reprieves and glorious fulfillments.  Hopefully it's been as powerfully good for you as it has been for me...I think...shit's still in motion.  Hard to say for sure.  Uncertainty's the lesson, maybe.

Anyway, I'm sure about SOME things – foremost among them that I am "supposed to" help relieve our species of narrative and share techniques I've learned to play more fully in the magical rotating gem of all perspectives.  To navigate time-as-a-landscape with attention poured into the outcomes we agree we want.  To ease the pain of everybody growing up too fast at once.

And urgency abounds: we're in the process of transforming evolution, from a thing we didn't even know we do, to a technology we'll use to totally reshape the planet.  Kind of a big deal.  It's time for all of us to level up as wizards, witches, or whatever so we're IN IT and engaged with, not resistant to, a world in which ideas become shared (virtual) realities more rapidly than ever.  We must rise to the occasion so that we don't accidentally create more monsters than we absolutely must.  We must raise whatever comes next right.


I'm writing a collection of short pieces (some of which are here on Medium) that ties science fiction and creative non-fiction together, then sets them on fire with mystic poetry.  I'm selling all the paintings that I've kept around to fund the writing of this book.  It's time.  It's going to TAKE time – time that I will take away from travel and commissions, limiting what little "flow" I've surfed on for the last few years.

If you would like a 50% discount on my art, it's yours.  Here is the link to all of my available originals.  Here is the event page with more info.


(And since of course we're mostly skating by, perhaps the sacred economics of our mutualist gifting might appeal to you more, anyway.  That's why I use Patreon: for people who GET what I'm trying to say on everyone's behalf, and want to help me weave more people into it, ground and expand it, make it relevant and real.)

So anyway.  I love you.  Thank you.  Here are things.

This masterclass I taught at Moogfest 2016 covers my occult philosophy of loop-based music and drills into my tech specifics for performance. Drawing from twelve years of looping at festivals and concerts worldwide, there's plenty here to fascinate you – whether you're a looping artist or just interested in the intersection between the esoteric and technology.

FREE to my silver-level Patreon supporters or available for a one-time donation of $5 (which also grants you access to extensive archives of my music).

Also included in the download is a transcript of my full pedalboard teardown and looping process.  As Reggie Watts said, "Don't 'tech-no' from a shaman for an answer..."

Topics covered include:
• How to be your own whole "Citadel of Ricks"
• Recursion, reiteration, and live looping as the Crucifixion of what is and what could be
• The emergence of order from chaos – inviting randomness into the matrix
• An alchemy of elemental energies in improvised live composition
• Technical considerations and gear suggestions
• Hacking the audience’s attention
• Multichannel live production as the blending of different sonic spaces
• Pedalboard vs. Ableton Live for Looping - opinions

For more direct and personal instruction, I’m available for private lessons over Skype – just write me if you’re interested!

New Future Fossils Episodes!

Hunter Maats – host of the Mixed Mental Arts Podcast and co-author of The Straight-A Conspiracy. We talk about the future of education and human collaboration – moving past a world of routine factory-worker indoctrination and the “insane cargo cult” of the academic system, and into a new model for the transmission of knowledge that suits a truly planetary culture.

Andrew J. O’Keefe II – documentarian, archivist for Singularity University, devoted recordist of the emergent planetary culture, and a dear old friend I met back in the Dawn of Time when he was working as the personal assistant to Android Jones. We talk about the motivations for preserving and reliving the significant (AND insignificant) moments of our lives.

Hannah Yata – visionary painter whose riotous, ecstatic work explores and celebrates natural biodiversity, and exalts the repressed feminine – the beautiful and the grotesque, death and life in vivid color all at once.

Sketchbook:  "Keyhistoric Life"

Just for fun.  This is how my brain works.  Get a better look on Instagram.

Coming Up: UTOPiAfest!

I'm playing the festival's first-ever sunrise set (and last ever at Four Sisters Ranch, where it has been held for the last nine years).  Come if you're in Texas – I hear that it's the best-in-class!

Just a reminder that I have a ton of work on Spotify for all your playlist pleasures – and also on Bandcamp for free download (or paid, if you are feeling frisky).  Go listen to it now and reap the sweetness!

"Yes, this planet is a terrible mess. But it has always been a mess. 
 There have never been any 'Good Old Days,' there have just been days."
– Kurt Vonnegut

15 August 2017

New Art & Conversations From The Road To The Eclipse & Burning Man

Hey friends!  I'm on the road to the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon this week, then Burning Man, to speak and play music at both events – so I'm keeping this short and sweet.  If you'll be at either of those, check my full performance schedule here and come say hi!  I have both hugs and stickers for you.  :)

And now onto some fun things:

News & Interviews

I just gave an exclusive interview about my music, art, life, mission, work, etc. to Keyframe Entertainment on Reality Sandwich.  It's a solid piece, especially if you're new to my work:

"...perhaps the world’s only paleontologist-futurist, a psychedelic poet-artist whose work in every medium communicates a vision of emergent planetary renaissance, and celebrates the curiosity and play required of us if we are to make it through this age of transformation."

And a very different, short-form podcast interview on Austin's WizWarp Artist Spotlight about the intersection of my songwriting and my motivation for creating an archive of vital conversations with Future Fossils Podcast.

Those of you who like some meat on the bones of their conversations will dig my second guest appearance on Cory Allen's The Astral Hustle Podcast, in which we discuss how meditation's only growing more relevant as we walk half-blind into a world of AI-assisted forgeries and automated economies.  Cory's smart as hell, hilarious, and full of liberating insights.  Highly recommended.

Lastly, two art projects deserving of attention:

I donated 20 prints of my frog painting, Zabka, to help fund the conservation of the Sonoran River Toad, threatened by overharvesting for its potent toxins, which contain the so-called "God Molecule" 5-MeO DMT.  A beautiful and sacred creature.  Help out if you can at the Terra Incognita Project.

And my work will be joining the art of dozens of other visionary painters from around the world in a massive group show this winter, Seeds of the Anaconda in Sierra Nevada, Colombia.  It's a celebration of the prophesied reunion of the five indigenous tribes of the Sierra, and a gathering in the name and spirit of global peace and unity.  Learn more about it here.

New Paintings
"Space Pastry"
18"x24" – available
painted live at Cherry Cola Dog (Austin) & at home

"Martian Arts"
collaboration with William Allan Ross
16"x20" – taken
painted live by Will during my set at Martian Arts Festival & finished at home by me

FOUR New Future Fossils Episodes

Newly Exhumed Short Writing

Pieces from my old gig as the editor of Globalish – where we investigated timeless spiritual themes as they arise in modern culture – these pieces have been unavailable to anyone for two years, until recently republished on my Steemit profile.  

See You Out There...

Parting Thoughts...

"If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh…well, there it is. Life finds a way."
– Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

Saddhu: “Master, I can walk across the water.”
Buddha: “But the ferry’s only a nickel!”

28 July 2017

Dispatch from A One-Man Singularity / Entirely Too Many Pretty Things

Hey friends!  Quick Note:  

I know most of you signed on for art, but chances are that means you're smart and curious and have one eye and ear turned toward the transcendental – and lately, it feels like my art is mostly here to get you to stay still for long enough so we can have a deeper exchange.

I know that we're all overwhelmed and it's impossible for us to catch up on it all, but hopefully the work I do beyond the easel can inspire you in the moments when you're driving, working, listening to podcasts, looking for new things to read...the new podcasts and live solo acoustic sets I published this month are better than anything I was making a few years ago and I hope that they creep into whatever part of your life is lame right now and improve it for you suddenly and radically. 

Last thing:  I'm writing science fiction now.  Here is a preview of the piece I'm working on: a dispatch from the world in which AI has made it hard to tell what's real, and what's a forgery.  I made this sample audio recording in part as the first of a series of micro-casts as this story writes itself, and in part as an audition to be an Audible audiobook reader.  (Maybe I'm trolling Audible by sending them sci-fi about the day in which we can't be sure of anything we hear...?)

And now, the new stuff!  Consider supporting me on Patreon if you appreciate these emails – I'll be putting out more special work exclusive to subscribers, soon.  I love you and I'm grateful for you always!


Music Video for "VALIS" with Dance Artist Donna Zakura

Here's my first music video since dinosaurs, featuring amazing dancer Donna Zakura and her equally amazing videographer Anthony Dempsey.  They weren't the only great discoveries I made while in Australia last (Southern) summer – here for you are new recordings of my talks & singer-songwriter performances at Mycelium Studios in Melbourne and Backyard Network in Sydney.  The storyteller/fireside chat format was a delightful change of pace and drew new insights and stories out of me – plus, you get to hear some new songs.  :)

"My Dark Companion"
48"x30" – acrylic & oil paint pen on canvas

Labradorite peacock demiurge unfolding limbs in interstellar darkness, iridescent living music stirring from its slumber, wave on wave of scintillating eyeless self-awareness, blossoming serrated rainbows spooling out from glistening wet froth of possibility, potential into actual, a lucid dream that eats your waking life...

Original piece painted with oil and acrylic paint on canvas – begun at Llano Earth Arts Fest (Llano, Texas) on 11 March 2017, continued at Euphoria Fest (Austin, Texas) in April 2017, and completed over countless late nights in the studio through 18 July 2017.

My most successful instagram post ever and, perhaps for the same reason, maybe the most time-intensive painting I have ever made.  Dedicated to Ali McGhee.

"Beija Flor III"
18"x24" – oil and acrylic paint on canvas

Beija Flor (Portuguese for "flower kisser") visits some San Pedro cacti on a flight through the imagination. The hummingbird brings joy and love...but it's also a fiercely territorial relative of the Velociraptor!  Never Forget.

Australia Tour Live Recordings Now Online!

Two of the better shows I've ever played, now yours for free or what you can afford to offer.  Each of these recordings captured a full hour-long talk and a full singer-songwriter performance in an intimate live setting with attentive audiences, and you definitely hear and feel the difference.  I am glad I finally had the time to mix these down and share them with you!  (If you're reading this on my blog instead of email, here are some preview tracks:)

New Future Fossils Podcast Episodes

Three episodes of Future Fossils with three awesome people, covering the bases of art, science, and spirituality with stories about the early days of the World Wide Web, the first life on Earth, and the future of art as a tool of political provocation.

More Writing at Steemit

Exhumed from the ruins of my old writing job and made available again for the first time in years:

Upcoming Events

28 July – Austin, TX – Cherrywood Studios
Decentralized Art Shows – Cryptocurrency Art Opening

30 July – San Marcos, TX – KIVA Bar & Lounge
Cyberguitar set with Hello Crescendo, Bull Moose & Bonnie, laissez faire cassette

1 August – Austin, TX – Sidewinder Bar
Cyberguitar set with HoneySon, AlexAlco, Mode Dodeca

17 - 23 August – Big Summit Prairie, OR – Oregon Eclipse Festival
Speaking & Playing live music for yoga (with Emelie Rose)

27 August - 4 September – Black Rock City, NV – Burning Man Festival
Speaking & Playing Cyberguitar at Palenque Norte & Burners Without Borders
Details TBA

7 September – Austin, TX – Crux Climbing Gym
Cyberguitar (Floating Islands) set with Funkotron, The Mismatch, Gasoline Boots, Skymomma, DJ Lefty

22 - 24 September – Utopia, TX – UtopiaFest
The festival's first-ever sunrise set!

05 July 2017

Martian Arts EP on Spotify // The Evolution of Surveillance // Authentic Self Expression // New Painting: Colibrí // Becca Tarnas & Mitch Altman on FF

“We could say that love is a tenacious adventure. The adventurous side is necessary, but equally so is the need for tenacity. Real love is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world.”

Greetings, friends!  A lot of gifts to share in this one – hope it finds you well!  
Enjoy and stay in touch...

Colibrí (Beija Flor II)
acrylic on canvas // 18"x24"

Original piece painted at home, a commissioned remix of 2014's "Beija Flor," one of my favorite pieces. The first hummingbird painting flew to Bangkok to join the collection of Greenpeace's Director of East Asian Operations the same day international news announced that vandals had written the Greenpeace logo over the hummingbird Nazca lines in Peru, those famous ancient petroglyphs visible only from the air. 

That weird coincidence – like some globe-spanning karmic shuffle – was just one of many "winks" returning my investment in these lovely birds. I'm glad to revisit this creature with three more years of experience as a painter. To spend some time with it and learn from it.

Martian Arts EP is now on Spotify and Bandcamp!

It's also the new titles music for John Lentz's The Invisible Room Podcast.  He offered up the EP's first review:

"My vibration burst into the great beyond listening to this album. I didn’t want to come back. I felt myself riding waves of the infinite, supported by the unbounded ocean of being. The rhythms, the ongoingness, departing, returning, expanding, contracting, and the many sudden very strange moments—all of this gave way to the mystery itself...This music brings me home."

Martian Arts EP is free to Patreon subscribers.  Or you can grab a print of the album cover art – a collab between myself and Tourmaline Todd – and download the tunes for free.


What do cameras, Pokémon, and the atomic bomb all have in common? They are reflections of the automatic and emergent evolutionary process of the universe becoming self-aware... This is the climax of my three-part memoir as a Google Glass Explorer, exploring natural history to understand how we got here and what we can expect of our bizarro Brave New World.  (Here are Parts 1 & 2.)

How can we live authentically when:

1) The systems we’ve created are opposed to human nature; and
2) We made it this way?

We’re out of touch with who we are. We grew thinking that somebody has The Answers, and those answers can be bought.

They can’t. Here’s why.

(Here also is my archive of exhumed short writing – from 2015, when I was editor of nonduality zine Globalish – on Steemit.)



8 July – Austin, TX – Square Rüt Kava Bar
Apocalyptic Folk Singer-Songwriter Set. 8 - 10pm
Free All Ages Show

10 July – Austin, TX – Capital Factory
"The Pre- & Post-History of Surveillance, Virtual Reality, and Swarm Intelligence"
A Special Live Taping of Future Fossils Podcast at EFF-Austin with Panelists: 
Heather Barfield, Maggie Duval, Paul Toprac, & Kevin Welch

Keynote Speaker on Time, Evolution, Consciousness, & Cosmos

Playing the festival's first-ever Sunrise Set!

07 June 2017

MG on Comedy Central / The Garden of Unearthly Delights / Martian Arts EP / H.R. Giger Tribute Poetry / New Episodes of Future Fossils Podcast

“As if there were an opening, an opening which would be an assembling, which would be a world, which would be that something might happen, that many things might happen, that there is a crowd, a swarming of what is possible, that all the possibilities are seized with pricklings…” 
– Henri Michaux on mescaline, 2001

Hey friends!  I hope this message finds you well – it's been an inspiring and productive spring this year, deciding I'd take time away from festivals to focus on my writing, music, podcast, partnership, all of the things that constant travel means I've left neglected.

But behold!  Some great new things to share in every medium – and big announcements!

(And if you are a cable TV viewer, check out my debut on Comedy Central, interviewed by comedian Moshe Kasher for his show Problematic's coverage of the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference.  Admittedly, it's only like 10 seconds – and they cut up my responses beyond recognition – but I think it's an accurate depiction of Moshe's ADHD point of view, based on our conversation.  Anyone who thinks that I'm "TL;DR" will laugh at this.  :))

Enjoy and stay in touch,

• New Art •
"The Garden of Unearthly Delights"

Signed Paper Prints are on 100 lb. 17"x11" cardstock.
Canvas Prints are limited series of 25 full-size 36"x24" giclee reproductions on UV-sealed archival canvas with 3/4" stretchers, signed and numbered on reverse.

My latest collaboration with "Tourmaline" Todd Shepherd, started at a legendary underground party in Austin, Texas during South By Southwest and passed back and forth for over two months of intensive, detailed studio work. The palette and depth reminded me of Hieronymous Bosch so much it swerved into the territory of a tribute to his famous painting, "The Garden of Earthly Delights" – although, instead, a vision of the future, otherworldly surreal – not beastly combinations of terrestrial life, but ineffably familiar vegetation, massive structures in the distance, strange habitats and intersecting vectors of mysterious activity.

• New Music •
Martian Arts EP

Stream or Download at Bandcamp
(Available for free to Bandcamp & Patreon subscribers.)

This set at Martian Arts Festival in San Marcos, Texas was a doozy. I did not expect to see a UFO that night – but who does, really? It was my first sighting in ten years. Things shifted. Something opened. I admitted to myself that I have been in Chapel Perilous since then, the place where everything syncs up and all of it unfolds as a conspiracy in which we're implicated and the shapes begin to come together and we notice what they point to. 

It all seems ridiculous. That is my rationality rebelling when I KNOW that something magical occurred that night. A portal opened. Call it what you will. All this music's just an overture to what came next. We never saw it coming. Now it's all that I can do to not grab onto what remains of that extraordinary mystery, to let it be. How does a person live like this, and make of glimpses of perfection, transcendental truth, a way of life, an everyday reality? 

Edited for time and mastered on a laptop. Otherwise, exactly as it was performed, all live, one take, no post-production mixing.  Guitar, Voice, Pedals.  On the eve of mystery.

Thank You...

Download Martian Arts EP at Bandcamp.

• New Writing •

An ode to H.R. Giger inspired by the recent premiere of Alien: Covenant and a recent episode of the Stuff To Blow Your Mind podcast. I've had a thing for the erotic biomechanical horror of Giger's work since I was nine years old, and a significant sub-basement of my psyche is devoted to the xenomorph. Enjoy!

Reading Necronomicon at New York Comic Con:
So wrong, my clothes are tight
like Han in Carbonite,
might get a callus tonight,
metallic phalluses bite
vestigial human in scenes
of pumping stillbirth machines,
I jump into the regimes
of ancient alien queens
and clumping organs between
the shiny carapaces
and their mute and chrome-toothed faces,
plugged into a Hell so hot it's issuing steam...

Read (or listen to me read aloud) the whole thing on Patreon.

• New Podcasts •

“Empowerment comes down to your awareness of the upgrade that you want.”
– Sara Huntley

This week's awesome conversation is with multidimensional artist-futurist Sara Huntley, on the future of performance art and the ethics of our relationships to sentient digital beings.

Listen to this episode on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play, or Patreon.
Check out the show notes, quotes, and cited books at MindPodNetwork.

“You cannot change the present system. This thing is dying, it’s structurally unsustainable. And so to try to somehow fix the present system is just a waste of time. Don’t waste your time on the present system. We have to start working on building the new world.”
– John Petersen

This week we welcome futurist John Petersen of The Arlington Institute into the digital archives, for a challenging and visionary chat about how wrong we’re guaranteed to be about the future – and what we CAN expect about the new paradigm (which is coming sooner than you might suspect).

Listen to this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Patreon.
Check out the show notes, quotes, and cited books at MindPodNetwork.

• Upcoming Gigs •

Speaking on time, technology, and evolution at the all-star festival to end all festivals.
17 - 23 August in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon.

Playing UtopiaFest's first-ever sunrise set for their last year at the glorious Four Sisters Ranch.
22 - 24 September in Utopia, Texas.

• Thank You For Reading! •

24 May 2017

New Album! Pavo: Music For Mystery + Future Fossils on Psychedelics, Sleep, VR, and Flow States + Interviews with Tony Vigorito & Void Denizen + MG on Third Eye Drops, Astral Hustle, Chasing Bodhi

When did I become a magazine?  Please bookmark this, as there's too much good stuff in here to soak up all at once.

(And yet, no paintings – but that is because I'm working on an absolutely epic few, and they are coming soon!  In the meantime, you can scope my Instagram for progress shots of those.)

Let's start with the biggest and most exciting news:

New Live Album from Australia Tour!
Stream/Download Pavo: Music For Mystery

Free to Bandcamp & Patreon Subscribers.

Hi Friends,

This 74 minutes of dreamy, intoxicating, lush, compelling instrumental music captures one of the most inspired evenings of my life.  It was recorded n Valentine's Day 2017, a live set I donated to my friend Adam Scott Miller's immersive art class in Byron Bay, Australia (so it's only fitting that his gorgeous painting "Feathered Pearl" is the cover image for these tunes).

I've been exploring this guitar technique for over a decade and finally hit my stride with it two years ago...this single-take, no-studio-overdubs sound journey is the anticipatory score to countless evenings drenched in candlelight and contemplation, lovemaking under stars and arabesques of incense smoke.

Inspired by the deep mystery of the Australian coast and dreamtime, Pavo oozes with the atmosphere of wonder and transcendent weirdness of The Land Down Under – but it also opened up into a set of synchronistic correspondences I can't explain.  This album has initiated something in me that has yet to run its course, an invitation into something numinous and terrifying in its splendor.

To attempt an exposition:  I'm a Capricorn, born on 8 January under the fixed star Delta Pavonis in the contellation of the peacock. Only after this was all recorded and the track art chosen did I realize that the persecuted Yezidi people link their "peacock angel" Melek Taus with Enki, the Sumerian sea goat, and with St. George (the more human, earthly form of Michael the Archangel), and the Pleiades (a constellation that for some strange reason I have always felt a deep affinity).

Enki was responsible for the decay of the original one language into all the modern tongues – the god of entropy and babble – which is weird, because the peacock angel also plays a major role in one of my most cherished books – Darwin's Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noosphere by Richard Doyle – in which he makes the case that by an involution of attention on itself, the psychoactive plants created the diversity of human languages as well as our aesthetic sense. Doyle argues Melek Taus is an irruption into history of a transcendental telos, guiding evolution through trans-species intercourse and boundary-dissolving peak experiences. (Read this book, if you can handle it.)

Discovering this web of correspondences has shaken my reality. Why did I become obsessed with the evolution of language and consciousness in college? Why have I always identified with peacocks? Why do I emphasize the breakdown of a signal into noise in all my music? Who are we, and who is rigging this?

Downloads include a set of links you can pursue to dive much deeper into this exquisite set of strange coincidences.  Feel free to write to me or comment with your thoughts and feelings upon listening, or if you have more insights into this extraordinary mystery...

I hope that you enjoy it. Thanks for listening. :)

This Month in "Awesome Conversations Galore" News...

I recently appeared on three great podcasts: Third Eye Drops with Michael PhillipChasing Bodhi with Doug Noble, and The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen. These conversations are about as different as can be, but if you're interested in the nexus where transcendent beauty meets existential terror – or how I make sense of love and art – or how to live a brighter, bolder, funnier, more mindful life – you can't go wrong by checking out all three.  These gentlemen all put a lot of work into their shows and I'm delighted that I get to share these with you.

#0027 with Rak Razam & Niles Heckman
(5-MeO DMT & Consciousness)

This week I sit down with Rak Razam and Niles Heckman – psychonauts, journalists, provocateurs, and the film-makers responsible for Shamans of the Global Village.

In a conversation too full of awesome neologisms, delightful turns of phrase, one-liners, and weird genius for me to convey it all, we talk about the role of creative media in helping usher in new modes of human consciousness – and what we’re learning those new modes might be. We finally get into WHAT those unborn archeologists listening to Future Fossils might be like…and our conjecture’s going to surprise you.  Listen to it here.

#0026 with Jessa Gamble
(Circadian Rhythms & The Science of Sleep)

This week we chat with science journalist Jessa Gamble, author of The Siesta and The Midnight Sun: How Our Bodies Experience Time, about time in the body, circadian rhythms, lunar cycles, and the science of sleep. Listen to it here.

#0025 with DADARA 
(Art, Virtual Realities, & Flow States)

This week we're joined by Daniel Rozenberg aka DADARA for a thoughtful discussion about Art in Virtual Realities, Information Overload, and Flow States.

The creator of Exchangibition Bank, Like4Real, and the upcoming Solipmission installation at Burning Man, as well as countless concert posters and album covers, DADARA has been one of my favorite artists for a while - in no small part because of how his works combine deep, challenging investigations with light-hearted play. Listen to it here.

Future Fossils Live at Psychedelic Science 2017
with Matt Xian, Rak Razam, & Terra Celeste

A spontaneous, wide-ranging, fairly bonkers conversation that roams everywhere in service to the vast emerging third-wave psychedelic culture and its destination: inevitable, structural, and permanent transformation of the human being and our understanding of the living world.  With three of my favorite psychedelic weirdos, Rak Razam of Shamans of the Global Village, Matt Xian of TIMEWHEEL, and Terra Celeste (whose affiliations are myriad).

Necromancing The Philosopher's Stone:
Interviewing "The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo"

Michaelangelo is a Los Angeles based transmedia artist whose latest work as Scottish Necromancer-Rapper “Void Denizen” pushes almost every boundary imaginable in the service of both depth and humor.  This conversation surfs the violet psychofluid across space, time, and identity.  Read it here.

Love and Other Pranks:
Interviewing Author Tony Vigorito

How is love a form of piracy? Find out in this delightful interview I just held with Tony Vigorito on his new book, which Tom Robbins called "the single wildest novel I have ever read."  We discuss the archetypal feathered serpent, Tony's awesome real-life pranks, and why so many villains have a skin disorder, among other things.  Read it here.

“I’ve seen enough around the corner to know what I need to do next. And it’s a deep transformation of my habits, my rituals, my relationship with life, with myself, my family, my loved ones, my community…and I think it’s the deepening of the spiritual path. And it makes it very tangible, whether I like it or not. I can hide from it, it doesn’t go away. The awareness of awareness of that thing is with me every day. That’s what it [5 Meo-DMT] has done for me.”